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''Hi-I am Healea- Your All-in-One Lifestyle Management App''

A revolutionary behavioural lifestyle modification application! Healea is an AI enabled application that supports your lifestyle management journey. It has been developed in consultation with end-users and their care providers. The app offers several features including diet and exercise monitoring and goal achievement, peer community forum and a direct link to your care provider. In addition, it offers smart integration with wearable devices like fitbit, a personalised chatbot and reminders. The app has been developed and is overseen by healthcare professionals to empower users with the knowledge and resources to support their journey.


Research indicates a significant proportion of diseases are caused by poor and sedentary lifestyle! Healea’s behavioural modification-based approach coupled with AI functionality allows better and optimised support for lifestyle management! We’ll help you manage your lifestyle better with a focus on exercise activities, diet coaching, building community engagements, reminders, goal tracking, and many more.

Our Approach

The right information at the right time

Wherever you are, at home, the playground, or the gym, you have access to Healea anytime. You can share your progress reports and insights with your doctor at the click of a button, allowing you to receive support at the right time. 

Supporting you always

We support and encourage you no matter what stage you are in. We target every modifiable risk factor through an evidence-based and holistic approach.

Measure it to support it better

Healea empowers you to track, assess, and understand your exercise goals, diet goals, and your progress-all in one place. Your doctor makes well-informed decisions based on your data. 


Lifestyle Educator: Learn more about lifestyle management by getting trustworthy insights and educational information. 

Reminders: Never forget your doctor’s appointments and any other important events by simply selecting the reminder feature. 

Motivational Messages: We all know motivation is the key to better management. Receive motivational messages to keep you encouraged to do better. 

Diet and Exercise Coach: Lead a healthy lifestyle and get active by setting and tracking diet and exercise goals. 

Smart Integration: Integrate with Bluetooth smart watches.

Community: Share tips, insights and much more with peers and feel connected. 

Real-time communication: Connect with your healthcare provider in real time for optimised support. 

Analytics: Experience advanced analysis of your data in the form of progress reports at your fingertip. 

Food Image and Barcode Tracking: Get an analysis of your dietary intake via clicking food images or barcode tracking and measure your calories to lead a healthy life.